What a great day!

January 7, 2017

Happy Birthday, Susie. (Susie owns this house.)

First great thing: I turned on the coffee pot and it worked. Yay. Coffee first, then tackled the kitchen wallpaper. Those are bird houses in the border. The rest of the walls are supposed to look like crackled paint. Out. Dated.

Remove the wallpaper !

Here’s another view. Big wall.

This went really well. For some strange reason, I decided to grab my garment steamer from Waterford before I left. It’s a Conair device that’s made to eliminate wrinkles in hanging clothes — or draperies, I guess. Anyway, I started that up and off I went in the corner of the room. Steamer + scraper = paper falling off the wall. Yay. Later on I plugged in the Scunci steamer but that didn’t work as well. I put vinegar in the water, mostly to keep the hard water from clogging the machine. So the house smells a bit sour.

I can’t think of a better activity on a sub-zero day than steaming away on the wallpaper. It not only warmed me up, but distributed a bunch of good humidity into the house.

One corner done!
There’s my little garment steamer perched on the ladder (which I found in the garage! Not even rickety.)
It gets worse

While I was waiting for the steamer to re-heat, I pulled off the transition strip from living room to kitchen to see if the hardwood continues into the kitchen. It does not. And there’s more tile under this tile. I suspect that if the top tile is not asbestos, the bottom tile might be. I’ll be checking to see if asbestos needs to be removed entirely to sell a house (?) or if it only needs to be covered up (which seems kind of dicey to me).

Good day! Coffee pot works and so does the steamer. Tomorrow: end of wallpaper.

Day One

In December of 2016 our good friend, Eugene, died suddenly. It was very shocking and sad. His sister, Susie, who’s also my very good friend, lives in Florida and since she was executor, she and her husband, Tom, traveled to chilly Hayward, Wisconsin to take care of Eugene’s house and belongings. Our mutual friend, Colette, and I drove up for a few days to help with clean-up, trash-out and general moral support.

There was quite a bit to do to get the house ready for sale and I was looking for a winter project, so I moved into Eugene’s house for a few weeks to do a bit of remodelating.

For obvious reasons, Eugene was often called Bluejean.

Eugene’s house. This is NOT January 🙂 This is the following June, just before the house sold.

Day 1 January 6, 2017

Amazingly cold. Thermometer in the foyer window said 18 below this morning. Having no coffee pot and being incapable of functioning without my morning cuppa, I headed to McDonalds for my large-with-three-cream. Then took off for Libbys to get the coveted coffee pot so I could make my own at home. Alas, I found out later that it no longer makes coffee. 🙁

Wallpaper with bird house border.

I loaded up stuff from Libbys:
Computer and two monitors, so I could work
Step stool
Oscillating tool
Vacuum cleaner
Shop vac
Coffee pot and coffee
A couple of small tables
Blue tea pots and canisters and a blue pillow
Feather pillows (yay)

From Libbys I headed to Spooner where I hit the ReStore and found some really good buys:
3 Umbra nesting tables — nice!

They stack, too.

A blue tea kettle
Window shades — which fit the bedroom windows perfectly
Curtain rods
Various blue dishes — coffee cups and small plates
A toaster

Then to Indianhead Thrift Store where their credit card system didn’t work, so I had to run to the ATM for cash which amounted to $46.
2 sets of tabbed light green curtains – 100% cotton, quite light, but will do
2 full flat sheets and 2 ikea pillowcases
Some awesome blue plaid fabric (huge) along with small pieces of blue cotton and some gray/blue wool
A couple of paper towel holders
A recipe stand — the acrylic one I like
Kleenex box
Soap pump

I’ll have to start taking pics of my shopping cart 🙂

Stopped at Economart for groceries.

When I got back I unloaded everything from the car then took the hutch off the Hoosier cabinet and put it on the oak drop-leaf table in the sun room. That will be a nice pantry (needs cleaning and maybe interior paint).

Set up my desktop on the Hoosier cabinet bottom. My wireless adapter doesn’t work, so I strung a network cable across the house :/ to the router. But I was able to get online and update something for Hayward Chamber.

Spent a bunch of time removing the curtain rod from the kitchen window and reinstalling it in the sun room where anyone walking by can look in the window at my computer monitors. And me. I guess.

More time figuring out the best way to journal the BlueJean Chronicles

What to do with very large cacti?
Moved the microwave to the top of the fridge and put the (useless) coffee pot on the counter.
Made tea since coffee wasn’t forthcoming.
Ran to Walmart for a mouse 🙁 and CO2 for my soda stream which had been languishing in my car for weeks. I have no idea why it was my car.

Here are the Before pictures:


This world is full of conflicts and full of things that cannot be reconciled, but there are moments when we can … reconcile and embrace the whole mess, and that’s what I mean by ‘Hallelujah.’
~ Leonard Cohen

It’s an immutable law of physics that any object dropped on any kitchen floor on the planet will end up under the refrigerator. The gravitational pull of the bottom of a refrigerator is 15 times greater that that of the earth. Mr. Newton, of course, didn’t have a refrigerator at his house so this fact was left out of the Principia.