impulse buy

Everything about today was kind of impulsive (not to be confused with COMpulsive, which seldom happens here). I decided to replace the desk I kind of like with the one I REALLY like in my closet office. The main reason is that the bedrooms are so small here at Libby’s that there’s room for a bed and pretty much nothing else. And the Really Like desk was taking up room in the East Bedroom. So, I pulled the Kind Of desk out of the closet, then removed the floor rug, which had become disgusting and realized that there was bare concrete under there. 

Hmm, methinks. This is an excellent opportunity to test the flooring I’ve been researching: Congoleum Carefree. (The painted concrete idea, while ok, wasn’t a rousing success because it weeps during very humid summer days thereby molding the rugs and causing enough moisture to make the floor slippery.  Dehumidifer can only do so much.)  I can see how the flooring survives the winter by laying it in the closet. It floats, so if the cold damages the product, I can pick it up and toss it.

Congoleum warns that this product needs to be at 65 degrees or above at all times. Right. Well, he who obeys the rules gets stuck with mainstream stuff resulting in a Generic House.  Maybe Congoleum will be interested in the results of my research. Although I doubt it.

So instead of  immediately exchanging desks, I drove to Menards to buy a box of the flooring.  I also bought this stuff called DMX Underlayment that’s supposed to let moisture evaporate due to its Patented Air Circulation Wondrousness. I put that down under half the flooring (also against the Rules) and laid the rest on the bare concrete. I’d like to use the underlayment because I’m hoping for warmth, so as September cools down, I’ll have my toes do a review.

SO. While I’m wandering the aisles of Menards — always dangerous — I see this on sale:

It’s a mini!

How could I resist? I bought the same item in a double version for Brenda’s birthday and we’ve been having a blast with it. So, I blew it up — that would be inflated it — and took it for a spin. Lots of fun for $49.

Call me Madmartigan*

It’s really hot. I seldom go into the water unless I’m really hot. And I was really hot after watering the flowers, so I waded around the shallow end for a few minutes. Since a clean shoreline is a happy shoreline I am in the habit of removing floating weeds and debris (Coke cans are numerous. Lots of Coke freaks on Trego Lake, I guess.) 

I pulled out a raft of floating branches and this handsome dude on YouTube told me it was a willow.  He also told me how to propagate it. I’ve wanted to plant willows for some time now, as they grow fast and I like to watch them when it’s windy. So, I cut the wayward willow branches into 10-inch pieces per the Handsome Guy and put them in water.

So I cut up the branches and stuck them in plain water to see if they’ll root. I hope so.

This past spring, I bought six bare-root willows from Farmer Seed Company and they are definitely dead. Maybe these will work. No doubt they lived somewhere upstream successfully.

*An obscure reference to the movie Willow, which we watched 487 times when the boys were small. Mostly at Grandma Sheahan’s house because she had it on VHS. The only other choice in VHS movies was a National Geographic special on hairless cats.

UPDATE: I was gone for a few days (all over Wisconsin and the U.P.) and when I came home I thought the whole experiment was a bust. The leaves all fell off and the water was scummy. BUT, once I gave it fresh water, I see that there are new leaves and lots of roots.

I might have the sought-after willows after all.

fishing for memories

This is Ellie. This is the second year in a row that the Friends Into Spooner Hatchery (FISH) has partnered up with a couple of other groups to take dementia patients and their caregivers fishing. I participated again this year. First, we fish for awhile on the dock right in Spooner and each of us partners up with a person to help them fish. Well, Ellie was an experienced angler. I offered to put the worm on the hook thinking this fragile little pink lady would eschew the task. But she dived right in. I had to hold the hook for her, as her hand was a bit shaky, but we got the job done.
Then she caught a nice-sized bluegill (that picture is on someone else’s camera) and off we went again. After that, it was just a little tiny panfish chomping away on the worm, but we had a laugh over watching him chase it around and nibble off pieces.
While we were fishing, she told me she lived on Tozier Lake and that her husband had died 14 years ago. “Ohhh,” I sympathized. “How did he die?” “Bear got him.” was her immediate reply. Then she went on to detail how they were watching Dragnet and their little dog was barking, so they went outside to confront a bear attacking the dog. I’m speechless. “There was blood all over,” she said. More details. More of my sympathetic “Aww’s”
Awhile passed. We fished. Hmm, methought. Death by Bear would be big news. I don’t remember ever hearing about an actual death, although there have been many dog/bear and human/bear encounters over the years..
After fishing, we went back to shore where two DNR game wardens and the Hatchery guys were frying up fish and French fries — a delicious outdoor meal. When we’d finished eating, I took an opportunity to sidle up to the wardens and ask innocently if they knew of a bear attack in Washburn County that resulted in death of a person. Blank stare.
Tall Tale Ellie the little pink fisherwoman. HAHAHAHA

Quite the Cat

You always hear about cats being aloof. Q likes me so much she sits very close and purrs. Close like on top of my computer keyboard. Makes typing a bit of a challenge. When I read, she sleeps on the couch back near my head.

polka dots.

My latest project (not saying there aren’t 20 other projects in the works, too)

I know. Strange design. Maybe it will all make sense when it’s done. Nah. It probably won’t. But it’s perfect for my Waterford bedroom. Not to be confused with my Trego bedroom. Which is aqua.

Meanwhile, back in Zuckerland

A couple of days after I posted that Facebook Fail post, Facebook got caught selling 50 million users’ data to a company that used it for swaying the votes of “vulnerable people” with specific psychological profiles.


Facebook Fail

I did it! I did it! I think. I finally found one more place I can turn off email notifications from Facebook. It’s been months. And I’m still not sure it’s really turned off.

I’m curious to know whether any business that uses Facebook has ever had a Genuine Facebook Employee help them with anything. Almost every other software or Internet company (Google, WordPress, WordPress plugin developers, etc) has some live people whose job it is to help. Especially (sometimes only) for their paying customers or resellers. If you’re a Facebook business user or page manager who PAYS Facebook for boosts or anything else, have you ever heard from a live person? I envision Facebook headquarters as vast buildings that are completely empty. Not even a mouse.

I Googled Facebook support: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Yikes. Guess I’m not the only one to ask this question.

Both of the above links lead to hundreds of disgruntled business owners talking about how terrible their customer service is. What good does that do when there is no competition for Facebook?

Update: It didn’t work. I didn’t receive any notifications for a few hours, but then they started again. All notifications are off. I unsubscribed from the emails. Spent a half hour ensuring that all notifications are off.  So I removed myself as an administrator. I don’t know what I’ll do if I continue to receive notifications. 🙁

How very odd that business owners — especially those who consider themselves savvy — allow a company to dictate to them so completely without even the courtesy of support. I’m sure I can’t be entirely mistaken, but I still have never had a business owner show me profit (for THEM, not FB) from using Facebook