If we’re supposed to call it Independence Day instead of The Fourth, then let’s shorten it up a bit:

Indy? “Have a great Indy weekend!”
ID? “What are you doing for ID?”

I vote for Indy. Seems sort of daring like Indy Jones raiding the lost ark.

3. Mentally strong people look for opposite opinions

They constantly search for arguments against their current position and are open to change if necessary.

They know that understanding the opposite side is the best way to form an opinion.

Huh. It seems lots of people forget this every four years.

I don’t really like cats. I just like the one I have. It is so fun to watch her play outside when we move to Libby’s in the spring. She runs, jumps, climbs trees and apparently is successful at avoiding the inconvenience of being eaten.

It’s an immutable law of physics that any object dropped on any kitchen floor on the planet will end up under the refrigerator. The gravitational pull of the bottom of a refrigerator is 15 times greater that that of the earth.┬áMr. Newton, of course, didn’t have a refrigerator at his house so this fact was left out of the Principia.

Apparently we don’t need to beware March’s ides. Just Caesar had to because someone killed him that day. Ides are no more dangerous than any other day. Billy made that up. He made up a lot of things.