This just in: Scientists have finally succeeded in isolating the Jerk Gene. Unfortunately, a cure for this ubiquitous condition has yet to be discovered. In a recent interview, genetics expert Dr. Diane Sektion confirmed that the condition is not gender specific.

For years I’ve thought I was the Cleverest because I made a sentence out of March Fourth — March forth. But it seems I’ve been outdone:

May the fourth be with you.


The poppies were so grateful I didn’t put them outside that they bloomed for me. If you can’t read the thermometer, it’s below 40. Just so you know.

Almost ready for human habitation

There was quite a big break in here as I took a vacation in Mexico with my friends. Prior to leaving, though, I finished up a few crucial items. The kitchen floor needed help and ripping up the current flooring isn’t an option. So, we’re off on a painting spree again.

Kitchen floor with old vinyl. Now that I’ve stripped wallpaper, painted the walls and replaced the sink, I’m finished with all the projects that would do damage to the floor. (I hope.)
I hired this cat to model the new floor. I couldn’t afford one of those snazzy girls they put in car commercials. The cat came cheap.


Of course the kitchen furniture and appliances needed to relocate to the living room for a couple of days. The best part of living in remodeling is what a pleasure it is to put everything back in place.

I also painted the bathroom floor and the foyer. In fact, I backed out the door, paint roller in hand to leave on my trip.

Foyer floor gets a new face. Not sure if I’ll leave the walls red. I like the color, but it’s kind of beat up and I don’t have the means to touch it up.
I finished up the paint on the cabinet that had been languishing in the garage and put the microwave on it to free up space on the counter.
The dining corner. Am I Blue.

The dining corner was really dark, as there’s no overhead light. So I found these $2 wall-mount laps to mount above the table. Since there’s a (rare) outlet in that corner I could just plug them in. I also found a cool print of a sailboat scene that stays with the blue/nautical theme throughout the house. Susie’s Periodic Table of Vegetables, of course remains there — a clever poster of veggies A to Z. A couple of pure cotton tablecloths make good covers (Two: one on the table, one in the wash) for the oak table.

Although the bedroom floor isn’t finished, you can get an idea how the painted wood floor will look fresher.

I took a piece of pegboard — used to hang tools next to the workbench in the basement — gave it a coat of paint (yipes. is there anything in my world that isn’t painted??) and hung it next to the stove. Still used for tools, but a different kind. The light is mounted on a box made from one of the drawers from the kitchen counter. The light needed to have an integrated switch because there is no wiring for a wall switch. I found two of them. This one’s mate is above the bathroom vanity — although that one now has a wall switch (GFI to meet code).


And the luck continues

The angst I felt at disconnecting the kitchen sink was duplicated today when I plunged headlong into the bathroom sink. This time I was going to

The bathroom sans sink.

be prepared so I went to the hardware store before tearing into the plumbing. Since I bought the kitchen sink product — that magic supply line/shut-off valve that worked so ingeniously — I returned to the same store to buy the gadget for the bathroom. Alas, they only had ones that were very very long and since the bathroom is very very small, long wasn’t going to cut it. So I tried a different hardware store where I’m happy to say, Al from Ace Spooner has competition in Mike from DoItBest. Always good to have a Hardware Guy in every town.

Some things are just scary.

Mike knew exactly what I wanted to do, but sent me home for pictures before he sold me the assembly. I had considered taking pictures before my hardware foray, but the teensy space under the bath vanity wasn’t conducive. So, I went home to get the pics Mike requested, and while here I ripped out the cardboard vanity to get a better look at the guts of the thing. Yipe. It was far from pretty. I did get some good pics though of the scary looking pipes protruding from the wall (won’t bore you with those) and Mike was delighted when I returned with them. He sold me all the proper parts and I came home and installed them. (I did ask Mike if he was willing to spend his lunch hour solving my plumbing problems, but he declined.)

Then I repeated the trot-to-the-basement-turn-on-the-water-DASH-up-the-stairs routine and once again there was nary a drop of moisture in the bathroom. Irish Luck, I tell ya. So now I just need to install the new sink, but first I need to prime, paint, patch and remove the 1.5 foot of wallpaper border (loons). Meanwhile, brushing teeth in the kitchen isn’t so bad.

Yes, the bathroom was green. And while green is among my favorite colors, it wasn’t working in this 5’x5′ space. So prime and paint.
So, here’s the updated bathroom with a new clean blind, open shelving, fixture and paint job.
The vinyl floor got itself a coat of paint, too.

There was badder news on the bedroom floor project. I started to wash the floor in preparation for a coat of Zinsser and the substance that’s on there acts really weird. It’s kind of fuzzy and some of it warps up onto little pills like you get on cheap sweaters. So THAT’S not going to work. But somewhere in the inner recesses of my befuddled mind a tiny voice reminded me that Zinsser had a different product that could go over almost any icky surface. ( Let’s paint the moon! but first we’ll prime it.) So, I ordered a gallon of Zinsser Gardz from Amazon and we’ll see if that doesn’t mop up that project. I’m so clever!

Apparently you could prime the Mojave desert with this stuff and paint will stick.